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Say it out aloud- say it with style and stand out from the rest! Invite your customers or passersby with custom neon open signs. At Neocust®, we make high-quality quality, unique, open neon signs that can help you grab attention to your business. Explore our collection and select a striking open neon sign that is best suited to your facility’s aesthetics. Create an impact on onlookers with our eye-catching designs. We also offer the option of customization so you can create a custom design in case you want a unique design that is best suited to your aesthetics.

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Premium Quality Neon Open Sign

Let Your Business Shine with Open Neon Signs

Call attention to your business and communicate easily with your customers with a shiny open neon sign!

Of all the different kinds of signage businesses use, an open sign remains one of the most popular. Imagine walking on a busy street with a sea of closed signs while a shiny open sign is visible from hundreds of yards away. The glowing sign instantly beckons people, picking their interest, inviting them in, and hence creating a brilliant first impression.

Choose a vertical open sign, an animated sign for your door or window, or even an artistic open sign displayed on the wall! Whether you run a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, trendy boutique, or any other retail outlet, our neon open signs offer you a unique, fun, and effective way to announce your presence to the outside world and draw in customers through your doors.

Neon Open Sign
Open Sign

From the Classic to Modern- Open Neon Signs for Every Business

Business signage is a good way to express individuality. This is why we offer a diverse selection of neon open signs to cater to various needs and styles.

Choose a classic script for that classic, timeless look! A flowing script open neon sign in bright white or stunning red not only gives off retro vibes but also instantly catches attention. Similarly if you want to make a statement, choose a bold and modern font, maybe in electric blue or a vibrant green. This kind of sign would be perfect for modern businesses looking to establish a striking presence.

Alternatively, if you prefer vintage charm, we can create a vintage-inspired neon open sign, perhaps in a classic font with a warm yellow glow reminiscent of old-school cafes or diners. Have something else in mind? Share your preferred design with us or make one with us, and we will turn it into stunning open signage you can proudly display. With our customization options, the possibilities are endless.

Create Your Custom Open Neon Sign with Neocust

Create your custom open neon sign with us easily in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is upload your custom design or use our user-friendly online tool to create your dream sign. Pick your desired size, colors, and font options. You can upload your logos, artwork, or even text that you want to incorporate in the design.

Once the design is final, submit it for a free quote. Our team will review the request and get back to you with pricing and estimated delivery time.

Neon Open

Order Your Custom Open Neon Sign Today

At Neocust, we make modern open neon signs that are more versatile than regular glass neon signs and allow you to become really creative. Our neon signs are energy-efficient and cost–effective. Made from the finest material and latest LED technology, these signs are very lightweight yet of a durable nature, so you can use them for many years to come. The best part- these come at incredibly amazing prices and are very easy to install and maintain as they are lighter than conventional glass neon signs and are less fragile. They arrive ready to install with all the requisite hardware, so you do not need to worry about the hassle of putting the sign up. Order our open neon signs today at incredible prices and enjoy the benefits they offer with their ability to catch attention from far. Contact us in case of queries!

Faqs About Neon Open Sign – Neocust

Why does my business need an open neon sign?

While you can always opt for a simple board that says Open, a brightly lit neon open sign will prove to be far more effective in attracting customers walking or driving by. Our high-quality neon signs stand out among the rest; they are talked about and even photographed. When you install an open neon sign, you get maximum benefits for a very small price.

Won’t the open neon sign increase my energy bill?

We use the latest LED technology to make our neon signs eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Unlike conventional glass neon signs, these LED neon signs consume significantly less energy- meaning you can use them guilt-free for a long time.

How to get a quote for a custom open neon sign?

It is fairly simple! All you need to do is upload your custom design or use our platform to create a Neon Open Sign. Once done, our team will review the design and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Once you approve, we then proceed with creating your custom design.

Do your neon open signs come with different light effects?

Our standard open neon signs feature a continuous, vibrant glow. However, if you require more dynamic signage, we can incorporate different light effects into the sign. For instance, you can opt for rhythmic flashing to attract even more attention. 

You can also opt for dimming to create a welcoming ambiance. With this option, the light dims to a softer glow during off-peak hours. Alternatively, you can choose to add scrolling text under the sign—like welcome or happy hour, etc. Please note that customization options and pricing for the light effects will vary. Please contact us for an accurate cost estimate.

How to ensure I order the right custom open neon sign for my business?

To ensure you get the size right, it is best to consider the dimensions of the door or wall where you want to install the open sign. While you may want the sign to be big enough to attract attention, it must not be so big that it covers most of the space and appears overbearing rather than serving its actual purpose.